Tuesday, August 11, 2009


For many years the Apostolic Church stood firm on it's issues of dress code ( hats, skirts, make-up,hair color,jewerly, etc). The church was recognize for their values, beliefs, and strict discipline of Christian living. Our forefathers provided scriptural support of why we should dress modestly and adhere to these rules.

Currently in some Apostolic Churches the rules and values have change. No longer do they enforce the issues of dress code. The new generation of Apostolic's are embracing the,"come as you are mentality."

The question is this, should the Apostolic Church change it's values to accomodate, this sociological change in the Church? Should the principles which had scriptural support become null and void to please this new generation?

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  1. I was baptized in Jesus' Name and also with Holy Ghost and Tongues last year. I am former Catholic clergy. I left the small Apostolic church I attended last year due to those dress codes and a pastor who was controlling (my opinion). I had enough of Rome doing that in the past. Now I hold to Apostolic Doctrine but do not go to any church since no other is close by. What a shame to be so controlling and more to church members. (even though this small church does not have membership - they told me so.) So, I am just floundering about and have my time with Lord Jesus alone FOR NOW. He will, in time, show me a place.